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Cut Through the Digital Clutter with Postcard Marketing Automation

(It's like Klaviyo for postcards.)

Send personalized one-off & triggered campaigns with ease. 

Drive incremental revenue & LTV.

The direct mail platform built for ecom and trusted by top DTC brands


Ezra Firestone is an ecommerce legend. His businesses, including BOOM! by Cindy Joseph, have millions of customers. Ezra knows retention..

Get his postcard playbook and hear how he generated a 2600% ROI.

Here's how it works...

Create. Send. Convert. (← Actually that simple.)



(We make it effortless.)

Design your own stunning card with our templates and drag & drop tool, or take advantage of our complimentary custom design service. You literally won't have to lift a finger.

Every full-color card is printed on premium quality card stock and features our 1-to-1 personalization.



(One-offs or triggered, automated campaigns.)

Target customers based on purchase history or behavior, just like an email campaign or automated flow. Send perfectly-timed promotions and create memorable moments that increase customer loyalty and boost your bottom line.

Cards are in your customers' hands in just 4-6 business days from the moment they meet your criteria.



(Track results with ease. You’ll like what you see.)

See the true performance and ROI of every campaign in your real-time dashboard.

No more clunky spreadsheets or match-backs.

Why send physical cards straight to their mailbox?

Because it works.

Your customers’ inboxes and feeds are drowning in a sea of offers and ads that get ignored and deleted. All while Google and Facebook keep padding their profits at your expense.

Beat digital overload and get your message back in front of your customers. Our cards get a 98% read rate & 28X more engagement. And for less than the cost of a click. 

Take back control over spam filters, jacked up CPCs, and iOS updates

Fierce competition is creating astronomical customer acquisition costs. After product costs, marketing, and overhead, many online retailers make little to no profit on the first sale. 

Profits come from repeat purchases. Postcard campaigns are proven to drive stronger relationships with your brand and keep your customers coming back again and again.

Solve your one-time-buyer problem & generate profits

Studies show combining both digital and direct mail marketing increases your ROI across all channels. 

Our tests proved it, generating 9X more revenue from customers receiving both email and postcards compared to those receiving email alone.

Supercharge your current digital marketing ROI


Deliver an unforgettable, WOW experience at scale

Giving your customers VIP treatment and differentiating your brand has never been easier.

Our all-new handwritten cards are created by our proprietary robots. We use real pens with real ink to write your cards with the personality of a human hand. Even the envelope is handwritten with a real stamp.

Recommended by the top ecommerce gurus

What smart marketers like you are saying

We’ve been using PostPilot to send customers a "thank you" coupon for 3 months and have found it’s easily one of our strongest tools in bringing back customers to our website. Tom, our rep has been nothing short of amazing. Thanks PostPilot! Awesome work!

This is my favorite discovery of 2021. The cost, quality, and speed, and support are all good. My customers were thrilled! I got a 746% ROI in July! I cannot want to use this program for VIP campaigns. It's seriously marketing gold.

Post Pilot has far exceeded even our highest expectations. It’s very easy to use and has fantastic customer service. But what matters most is the bottom line and our eye-popping campaign results will keep us coming back.

Michael | Kurativ Premium CBD

Emily | Ardent Market

Clif | Pet Wellness Direct

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